Relevance of Sports in the Preschools at Williamsburg Northside

Apart from offering preschool kids at Williamsburg Northside a way to burn off excess energy, sports provides a number of other benefits to kids. Given below are the benefits which the mere act of participating in sports provides –


Learning to leave a parent when going to class is the very beginning of understanding separation when a child starts school for the first time. The ability to adjust to such different circumstances is an essential component of the education of any preschooler at Williamsburg Northside.

Following Rules and Orders

Sports teaches kids how to follow instructions at multiple levels. For instance, gymnastics has a lot more to it than just the obstacles which the participants need to overcome. It is also about what is to be done at each station. Likewise in football, remembering which parts of the body can touch the ball, without conceding a foul and how the ball is to be kicked and in which direction are equally essential.

Learning about Safety

When kids at preschools of Williamsburg Northside concentrate on the rules of any sport, they also inculcate the habit of following instructions at home and in school, designed to keep them safe. These rules can be wearing helmets during biking or skating, never going into a pool alone or wearing the right protective gear.

Builds Patience

Patience is a virtue which is rarely found in kids but it is a must. Standing in a line or waiting for their turn when playing are some of the ways in which kids can inculcate patience in themselves.

Team Work

Working as a team is something every individual needs to learn. If this is done from a very early age, it becomes even more beneficial as it imparts in the kids a soft skill which is beneficial for the rest of their lives.

Interacting With Peers

Learning how to talk to their peers and being respectful towards adults is an important skill every preschooler must learn. When preschoolers participate in sports, both of these qualities are taken care of as they take orders from their coach and work with their peers as a team.

Benefits of Enrolling a Child at a Preschool in Williamsburg Northside

Why should you send your little one to a preschool in Williamsburg Northside? What is the relevance of a preschool and what could be the benefits of enrolling your child there?

These are just a few of the questions which every parent asks before sending their child to a preschool.

This blog aims to answer all these questions and a few more for the benefit of anxious parents.

It is through play that children learn, and in a preschool, they get to play to their hearts content, but at the same time, they can learn from the organized activities which have been designed to enable them to learn better.

Some of the important skills which they acquire through such a set-up include creativity, cognitive skills, physical skills, social interaction and self-esteem.


Opportunities for social interaction at home or any other setting can be very easily organized, but the wholesome environment which a child gets at a preschool in Williamsburg Northside cannot be replicated anywhere else.

This is because when the social interactions take place in school, your child learns invaluable lessons such as those of sharing, taking turns, waiting in line, raising their hands and even following directions from other adults.

A large number of parents merely consider only the cognitive development a preschool would nurture in a child when searching for potential preschools in Williamsburg Northside.

These skills are undoubtedly necessary, but they come along only when the child is ready and when she/he participates in learning activities designed by the preschool.

The best preschools teach colors, numbers, letters and shapes, and even math and reading.

The importance of any preschool in Williamsburg Northside cannot be emphasized enough.

Sending a child to a preschool of quality in Williamsburg Northside will help in developing their cognitive skills, building their self-esteem and also teaching them how to interact socially.

Teaching Approaches Employed by Williamsburg Northside Daycares

Every educator has her/his own philosophy when it comes to imparting early childhood education. The methodology which they use however varies widely.

For parents, because of the different methods applied, selecting the right daycare can be a bit of an overwhelming task.


Here are some of the tried and tested approaches, explained for first-time parents. We hope that it helps them decide on the right Williamsburg Northside daycare for their child.

  • Traditional Approach: This is a basic method which is designed to train kids for school. Educators who implement this philosophy make use of a structured approach to ensure that children can undertake the challenges of kindergarten and the life beyond from a tender age. In such an approach, classroom time is devoted more towards development of essential skills such as color identification, problem-solving, and time measuring. The basics of reading, writing and math are also covered.

The benefit of this approach is that it is predictable and consistent. This helps children get used to the rigors of a full-day school.

  • Montessori Approach: This approach to childcare was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in Rome during the early stages of the 1900’s. Using her research, she focused on children from the slums who had learning disabilities and helped them develop real-life skills. It was from her research that this particular approach was developed.

The advantage of this approach is that it helps children learn at their own pace, which allows children to gain experience through unrestricted movement. This way, they learn the everyday life skills while learning in multiple age groups.

  • Play Based/Emergent Approach: This approach is the result of a number of early learning theorists such as Bronfenbrenner, Dewy, Piaget and Vygotsky. This kind of curriculum stresses on the learning processes rather than the outcome.

In this approach, there is no correct or incorrect way of doing something. This allows children to take risks confidently. In this method, as children put in their own efforts, they keep building upon their existing  knowledge and skills and expand them further.



Features of a good day care center


Characteristics of a Good Williamsburg Northside Preschool

Early childhood education is considered to be the stepping stone for a successful academic career. This is because a good preschool can provide a kid with the right foundation for higher education.

The following guidelines will help parents in choosing the right Williamsburg Northside preschool for their children.

  • Clean and Secure Premises: When it comes to cleanliness and security, there cannot be any compromise whatsoever. In this regard, Williamsburg Northside preschools offer the most ideal environment for kids to learn and grow. For kids below the age of six years, preschools should provide a home-like atmosphere. Williamsburg Northside preschools understand this and hence provide a highly secure environment for kids so that they never feel away from home even when in school.


  • Trained Teachers: Taking care of kids may sound like an easy task but in reality, it is not so. The complexity is further heightened when developmental aspects need to be considered along with academics.


In Williamsburg Northside, preschools provide a wholesome experience for young children by training their teachers to provide the best services for the kids. The skills of a trained teacher can be gauged by his/her ability to motivate kids to learn through games and other fun activities. They should also be caring and should encourage the kids to be keen learners.

  • A Well-Defined Routine: One of the basic differences between a daycare and a preschool is that the latter has a fixed routine. Preschools in Williamsburg Northside have their everyday activities planned out – from the study and play time to the nap time. They also maintain proper attendance records for their students. In this way, kids are able to make a smooth transition from the less-structured environment of a daycare to a more disciplined setting of a preschool, while being prepared for formal education in the future.


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How I Found The Perfect School In Williamsburg

My son recently turned 5 and it was time for him to graduate from preschool to elementary school. I live in Williamsburg Northside, and work in Queens, which is roughly a 30-minute drive from my home. I wanted his school to be located on my way to work as dropping and picking him up would be convenient.

First, I needed to decide on a school in Queens or in Williamsburg North. I spent a good part of my day in Queens, while I had my home in here. I finally settled on Williamsburg for the school location.

I made a list of some schools in Williamsburg Northside, and decided to visit them over the weekend. I finally settled on a school by the side of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The location was perfect for my needs, and the school staff seemed polite and caring.

One the first day at his new school, my son and I left home early. He seemed strangely quiet, which was quite unusual for a kid as mischievous as him. Probably speculating about his new classmates, I thought.

The principal stood at the entrance and welcomed the newcomers with open arms. While most school principals are usually strict, he was a favorite among his students. The school staff were very friendly, and I somehow felt reassured that my son will be in good hands.

That day, when I was returning back from work, I was anxious about my son’s first day at school. I pulled into the school courtyard, and found him waiting outside for me.

He had a smile across his face, which was an indication that he had a great first day. He told me how he made new friends, two of whom lived a couple of blocks from our home.

I was glad that he quickly found his feet in his new school.

How I Found a Daycare and a Preschool in Williamsburg Northside in One Easy Step

Post my move-in into a sprawling apartment in the Williamsburg Northside neighborhood in Brooklyn with my extended family, I was posed with the task of finding a daycare and preschool for my nephew and niece respectively.

My sister was very clear about what she wanted when she instructed me: “The daycare and preschool should be close to each other and also to our home coz I can’t run around from one block to another with my kids in the morning before I leave for work myself.”

All this she said in one breath and left for work, leaving me alone in the new neighborhood with a mammoth task to accomplish.

I decided to start my search from the couch itself, holding my morning cuppa in my hand and my mac on my lap.

day care pay attention

Google never disappoints, I must say.

A few minutes of browsing led me to this daycare and preschool which are run by the same parent institution but at different locations that were thankfully not too far away from each other in the Williamsburg Northside neighborhood.

As I looked further in their website, I saw that they followed the Reggio Emilia approach, about which I had heard from my sister when she was ranting about the different preschool philosophies that very day.

The daycare was institutionalized and had enriching activities that were based on music and art for young learners like my nephew.

These activities were designed to promote a multitude of skills which ranged from physical ones (vocal and auditory development) to more intrinsic ones like creativity.

The preschool too had a structured curriculum which was based on the Reggio Emilia approach that identified young students as capable and competent members of the community who can significantly contribute valid ideas and thoughts.

I must say I was impressed.

I hope that my sister gets impressed too when we visit the two campuses tomorrow.

Raise Some Questions To Get The Best Out Of A Daycare

Choosing the first ever schooling experience for their kids is de facto tough for folks. A lot of things run down the minds of the parents concerning the safety and well-being of their kids once they decide on leaving them to someone’s care. So to really discover whether that potential Daycare is appropriate for your child or not, raise these important questions in your mind and only take a step ahead when you are certain that the Daycare caters to any or all your requirements.

Question 1. How Qualified is the Daycare?

Start your analysis by going online and ascertain whether the Daycare is authorized or not. Make sure the Daycare is well reputed and has been in the business for a protracted time. Look out for the reviews and ratings of the Daycare on online forums. Ideally, you should opt for a Daycare with positive reviews and accreditations from the regime. Daycares like Williamsburg Northside Daycare in Brooklyn are a good example of qualified and well-reputed Daycares.

Question 2. How safe is the Daycare?

Every high quality Daycare should have a secure and healthy environment. They should be liable for ensuring safety both inside and outside their Daycare setting. You should examine the Daycare space personally and notice their safety measures. Make sure the place is hygienic, sleeping area is clear of potential hazards, the food provided is safe and nutritious and the employees are trained to handle any type of emergencies.

Question 3. What is the teacher -to-child ratio?

This is one of the most important quality indicators for a Daycare. If each teacher is serving only a few students, it would lead to top quality care. The ideal ratio is 1:5 for two-three year olds, 1:7 for three-four year olds and 1:15 for five year olds. Make sure your kid has an adequate space and is always under the oversight of a teacher.

Question 4. What is their parenting approach?

Since Daycare is going to be taking care of your kid, their basic approach of treating the kids contains a huge impact on the development of kids. Make sure to note their feeding and napping patterns, television schedule and ways of teaching discipline to kids. A good Daycare ought to have an approach and curriculum to support child’s social, emotional and physical development.

Make that move

When you are confused with your decisions, arm yourself with the above questions and determine the quality of the Daycare.