Reasons Why Working Parents Should Go For Daycare For Their Kids

Parenting is often a big challenge for working parents when you have a kid or two who are in their infancy. Balancing parenthood with a full-time demanding job is tough. Since this is the period where toddlers try new activities, learn new skills and have different experiences, parents feel the pangs of guilt missing these precious moments. They feel that their kids are missing the care and love they need. And while these early stages of development are essential for your child to shape into a good person, parents feel that the some additional guidance is also required and daycare facilities can offer them that.


Daycare are a godsend for parents having toddlers at home. Not only do they play second fiddle to the environment kids experience at home but also provide abundant care and attention to the toddlers. That’s why daycares have become a clear choice for parents who can’t stay at home and devote time to their kids during the day.

Now, not all parents have the same thought regarding daycare. There are many who still think that it’s better for their kids to stay at home rather than at a childcare since the little children can suffer from separation anxiety which could have a lingering effect on them. Some fear whether their child will feel secure in a different environment. Now those who are still debating whether enrolling their kid in a daycare will be fruitful or not, read on.

Daycares such as Williamsburg Northside Daycare have convenient timings to accommodate parents having different working hours. Parents are assured that if anything unexpected happens at work that forces them to come a couple of hours late, their child will be in safe hands. Daycare facilities have spacious and classrooms and play areas and offer a relaxing atmosphere for the tiny tots to mingle and learn. Daycare provide children a good social environment where for the first time they interact with other kids and also with teachers and start learning new behavioral and learning habits. These are some of the reasons why working parents should consider daycare centers if they want to keep their child happy while they are at work.

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Want To Give Your Child A Great Start In Life?? Enroll Him In A Preschool.

Preschool education is considered as the official start of a child’s academic career. It is his first step into the world of learning and be surrounded by endless possibilities. It is also the first time in which he is separated from the comfort and secure zone of his parents and involves himself in a completely new environment.

Thus, a preschool is like a second home for a child. It is a place which will build a solid foundation of learning in a child and at the same time groom him for his formative years. Preschool education is imperative for your child’s scholastic success. It is a preschool which will provide your child with an opportunity to kindle a lifelong love of learning.

comprehension day care

It is well known that kids learn faster at an early age since their learning is natural and they are able to pick up every nugget of information at a quicker pace. Preschools such as Williamsburg Northside exposes children to an array of activities where they learn through play.

Through these activities, kids imbibe a host of skills including emotional, social and behavioral which build their confidence and play a key role in their success in the kindergarten years as well as in life. Preschool allows children to socialize and know the world better.

Kids learn how to interact with their peers, develop a conversation and forge relationships. They learn the value of friendship, respect, sharing and how to adapt themselves to different situations.

Research has shown that children who are exposed to a preschool environment fare exceedingly well in kindergarten than kids who have missed preschool. Children become used to spending time away from their home environment and interact with different people. They become adept in the fundamentals such as numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors when they begin kindergarten.

Many preschools including Williamsburg Northside provide healthy snacks and drinks and also tutor your child in developing good eating habits. Nutrition is paramount when it comes to a child’s overall development. A rich diet not only keeps your child fit and healthy but also gives mileage to his overall performance in school.

Why Williamsburg Northside Schools are a Sensible Choice for you Little One

The foundation principles of Williamsburg Northside schools were formed by the conclusive belief that every single child is a strong and capable individual. Directed by this ideal, Williamsburg Northside schools offer flexible and unique environments where children indulge in collaborative as well as independent ways of learning.

The schools comprise of an Infant & Toddler Center, a Preschool, a Lower school, and a Middle school, which is the newest addition to their institutions of learning. Reasons why you should choose Williamsburg Northside schools for your child:

The Schools’ Teaching Techniques are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach was formed with a view that young children are competent and active contributors to the society. Williamsburg Northside schools abide with each aspect of this teaching approach. The image of each child is believed to be that of an able and competent individual with a set of opinions, interests, and preferences.


The educators undertake the crucial responsibility of observing and documenting each child’s ideas, interests, struggles, questions and opinions on a daily basis. The curriculum and environment of each class are then built on the basis of the documented insights of the children.

Similarly, the classroom design and environment are accorded as an important aspect that contributes to the student’s overall development. Children’s project works are given an equal importance. Students are encouraged to be a part of long-term small as well as large group projects that are dynamic in nature.

A Few Interesting Facts about Williamsburg Northside Schools

  • The infant & toddler center is stationed in a historic building. The center comprises of large, sunny classrooms, an art room, and two indoor play spaces. The building is attached to a private garden and an outside play space.
  • Williamsburg Northside Preschool’s classrooms are one of the largest classrooms in NYC.
  • The preschool’s building consists of a large indoor gym, a massive rooftop playground, and separate spaces for music, art, and library.
  • Williamsburg Northside’s lower school’s regulation-size gym is perhaps the most beautiful one in any elementary school in Brooklyn.
  • The lower school’s art studio has a wall of windows that opens up to a terrace that faces the Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan.

Engaging More Parents at Preschools in Williamsburg Northside

Every parent wants to be engaged in the development and learning of their kids in preschools. Despite their inclination to get involved, what hinders them is their lack of knowledge about how to get involved in the first place. Educators of early childhood education at preschools in Williamsburg Northside and surrounding areas make use of a number of measures to increase participation of parents.

Establishing partnerships with parents is a crucial step for educators for it paves the way for offering the best learning opportunities and to make raise the existing standards of their preschool. One of the most basic ways to do so is to increase the communication with parents by organizing a number of activities which would integrate them in the learning process of their children.


Some of these methods of involving parents at preschools in Williamsburg Northside are as follows –

Allowing Parents to know you

Once a child has been admitted in a preschool, the first responsibility of any educator should be to know the family more and allowing them to know as much as possible about the preschool. This can be achieved by providing a short biography of yourself, your educational background, your interests and your past experience. By allowing parents to have more insight into the life of the educator of their children, parents would feel more at ease realizing that their kids are in able hands.

Getting to Know Parents

The process of knowing more should not be restricted to the educator of the preschools in Williamsburg Northside but should also include getting to know parents as well. This can be done by having parents fill up a short questionnaire once the child is enrolled. Apart from gathering information about the interests and professions of the parents, it can also include any other talents which the parents might have. Such talents can prove to be beneficial whenever an opportunity presents itself in sharing them with the preschool community.

Inviting Parents to the Classroom

Parents can be requested to be guests in the preschool and encourage their involvement. They can share information about their careers or have an activity which is of interest to them. Parents can also be requested to prepare a traditional dish from their culture and have them explain more about their country of origin and its culture.

Relevance of Sports in the Preschools at Williamsburg Northside

Apart from offering preschool kids at Williamsburg Northside a way to burn off excess energy, sports provides a number of other benefits to kids. Given below are the benefits which the mere act of participating in sports provides –


Learning to leave a parent when going to class is the very beginning of understanding separation when a child starts school for the first time. The ability to adjust to such different circumstances is an essential component of the education of any preschooler at Williamsburg Northside.

Following Rules and Orders

Sports teaches kids how to follow instructions at multiple levels. For instance, gymnastics has a lot more to it than just the obstacles which the participants need to overcome. It is also about what is to be done at each station. Likewise in football, remembering which parts of the body can touch the ball, without conceding a foul and how the ball is to be kicked and in which direction are equally essential.

Learning about Safety

When kids at preschools of Williamsburg Northside concentrate on the rules of any sport, they also inculcate the habit of following instructions at home and in school, designed to keep them safe. These rules can be wearing helmets during biking or skating, never going into a pool alone or wearing the right protective gear.

Builds Patience

Patience is a virtue which is rarely found in kids but it is a must. Standing in a line or waiting for their turn when playing are some of the ways in which kids can inculcate patience in themselves.

Team Work

Working as a team is something every individual needs to learn. If this is done from a very early age, it becomes even more beneficial as it imparts in the kids a soft skill which is beneficial for the rest of their lives.

Interacting With Peers

Learning how to talk to their peers and being respectful towards adults is an important skill every preschooler must learn. When preschoolers participate in sports, both of these qualities are taken care of as they take orders from their coach and work with their peers as a team.

Benefits of Enrolling a Child at a Preschool in Williamsburg Northside

Why should you send your little one to a preschool in Williamsburg Northside? What is the relevance of a preschool and what could be the benefits of enrolling your child there?

These are just a few of the questions which every parent asks before sending their child to a preschool.

This blog aims to answer all these questions and a few more for the benefit of anxious parents.

It is through play that children learn, and in a preschool, they get to play to their hearts content, but at the same time, they can learn from the organized activities which have been designed to enable them to learn better.

Some of the important skills which they acquire through such a set-up include creativity, cognitive skills, physical skills, social interaction and self-esteem.


Opportunities for social interaction at home or any other setting can be very easily organized, but the wholesome environment which a child gets at a preschool in Williamsburg Northside cannot be replicated anywhere else.

This is because when the social interactions take place in school, your child learns invaluable lessons such as those of sharing, taking turns, waiting in line, raising their hands and even following directions from other adults.

A large number of parents merely consider only the cognitive development a preschool would nurture in a child when searching for potential preschools in Williamsburg Northside.

These skills are undoubtedly necessary, but they come along only when the child is ready and when she/he participates in learning activities designed by the preschool.

The best preschools teach colors, numbers, letters and shapes, and even math and reading.

The importance of any preschool in Williamsburg Northside cannot be emphasized enough.

Sending a child to a preschool of quality in Williamsburg Northside will help in developing their cognitive skills, building their self-esteem and also teaching them how to interact socially.

Teaching Approaches Employed by Williamsburg Northside Daycares

Every educator has her/his own philosophy when it comes to imparting early childhood education. The methodology which they use however varies widely.

For parents, because of the different methods applied, selecting the right daycare can be a bit of an overwhelming task.


Here are some of the tried and tested approaches, explained for first-time parents. We hope that it helps them decide on the right Williamsburg Northside daycare for their child.

  • Traditional Approach: This is a basic method which is designed to train kids for school. Educators who implement this philosophy make use of a structured approach to ensure that children can undertake the challenges of kindergarten and the life beyond from a tender age. In such an approach, classroom time is devoted more towards development of essential skills such as color identification, problem-solving, and time measuring. The basics of reading, writing and math are also covered.

The benefit of this approach is that it is predictable and consistent. This helps children get used to the rigors of a full-day school.

  • Montessori Approach: This approach to childcare was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in Rome during the early stages of the 1900’s. Using her research, she focused on children from the slums who had learning disabilities and helped them develop real-life skills. It was from her research that this particular approach was developed.

The advantage of this approach is that it helps children learn at their own pace, which allows children to gain experience through unrestricted movement. This way, they learn the everyday life skills while learning in multiple age groups.

  • Play Based/Emergent Approach: This approach is the result of a number of early learning theorists such as Bronfenbrenner, Dewy, Piaget and Vygotsky. This kind of curriculum stresses on the learning processes rather than the outcome.

In this approach, there is no correct or incorrect way of doing something. This allows children to take risks confidently. In this method, as children put in their own efforts, they keep building upon their existing  knowledge and skills and expand them further.



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